Free State Demonstrates its Subservience to British Imperialism

The slavish decision by the Free State Garrison Class to fly the Tricolour at half-mast to mark the death of the imperialist Philip Mountbatten, once again demonstrates the colonial subservience of the Free state to British Imperialism.

Speaking from Dublin, a spokesperson for Anti Imperialist Action Ireland said, ‘The people of Ireland are not in mourning for Philip Mountbatten, a British Prince whose family continue to claim illegal sovereignty over our country. The decision by the Free State Garrison Class to fly the Tricolour at half-mast to mark the passing of a racist, misogynistic imperialist, that many would consider a pedophile for his grooming of a 13 year old child, is a deep insult to the people of Ireland and particularly to all those from every generation who have fought and died to break the connection with England. The decision has caused a lot of anger among working class communities across Ireland and rubs salt in the wounds of the Irish Citizens who are forced to live under a British Occupation in the Six Counties.’

‘By flying the Tricolour at half-mast today, the Garrison class have openly declared their allegiance to British imperialism in Ireland and have desecrated the National Flag. The Tricolour is the National Flag of the All-Ireland People’s Republic, Proclaimed in Arms in 1916 and Established in 1919 and does not belong to the Free State. Britain has no right to be in Ireland and the counter revolutionary Free State that was set up to suppress our People’s Republic have no right to desecrate our National Flag.’

The spokesperson continued, ‘While todays move has caused a lot of anger among Irish People, it is not enough to simply get angry. The struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution continues and for it to be successful we need the mass mobilization of the Irish people to confront and defeat imperialism. The time has long passed for the working class to reject the puppet British parliaments at Stormont and Leinster House and to work to rebuild the All-Ireland Socialist Republic.

Today as the Free State Politicians demonstrate their colonial subservience to Britain, Socialist Republicans remember and take inspiration from the words of Commandant General James Connolly of the Irish Citizen Army, that ‘despite all the treasons of all the traitors Ireland still remains as pure in heart as ever, and though Empires fall and tyrannies perish- We Will Rise Again!’

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