Rebuild the Republic of 1916

The Republican position is a rejection of partition, the British Occupation and the two pro Imperialist statelets Britain established in Ireland, administered from Stormont and Leinster House.

The Republican Position upholds the legitimacy of the All Ireland Republic proclaimed in 1916 and established in 1919 and asserts that the sovereignty and unity of the are inalienable and non judicable.

As Irish Socialist Republicans, Anti Imperialist Action give our alliegence to the All Ireland Republic and to the Irish Working Class. Our strategy for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution is to rebuild the All Ireland Republic through the development of Republican Power structures under the democratic control of the Working Class.

This strategy would see the development of Resistance Committees, Centers of Resistance and Revolutionary People’s Councils in communities across the country and linking them up to become the functioning institutions of the All Ireland People’s Republic and can win the support of the Working Class away from Britain’s states in Ireland to the Revolutionary Republic.

National Liberation and Socialist Revolution can only be successful in Ireland through the seziure of power by the Working Class. All else is an illusion. It is therefore the duty of all Socialist Republicans to work at the rebuilding of the Republic to bring the working class to power first in our own Communities and then in the Socialist Republic.

Join the Resistance working to rebuild the RepublicBoycott Stormont and Leinster House!

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