Keep Liam Home- Stop the Extradition of Irish Republicans

Moves by the Free State to extradite the Irish Republican Liam Campbell from Ireland to Lithuania at the behest of Brit Imperialism must be opposed by all who believe in Human Rights.

Liam Campbell has never set foot in Lithuania. The European Arrest warrant issued by Lithuania has been done on the orders of British Imperialism as part of an MI5 fronted operation against Irish Republicans.

The Brits have been forced into this move because their courts in Britain have already ruled that Liam had no case to answer because their is no evidence against him.

Liam and his family have been fighting against this MI5 planned extradition for 12 years, 4 of which Liam spent as an innocent man in Britain’s Maghaberry Torture Camp in Occupied Ireland.

Liam Campbell has not been charged with any crime. The extradition is to facilitate questioning in Lithuania, a country known for terrible human rights violations and inhumane prison conditions, where Liam would potentially be held without trial for several years.

All Republicans and progressives should raise their voices in support of Liam Campbell and should highlight the role being played in his torture by British Imperialism and MI5.

An innocent man should not be extradited.


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