No Royal Visits!

Break the Connection with Imperialism- No Royal Visits- Britain Get Out of Ireland!

It has been announced that Elizabeth Windsor, the self styled Queen of England, is to attend an event in Armagh, Occupied Ireland on October 21, that will see British Imperialism mark 100 years of the illegal and ongoing Partition in Ireland.

That Elizabeth Windsor will be present at such an event is designed to send a clear signal that British Imperialism has no intention of leaving Ireland and is acting to strengthen its hold on the country. English Royal visits are designed solely to attempt to normalise the occupation of Ireland.

The partition and occupation of Ireland is a crime against our people. The vast majority of the Irish People are opposed to partition and the ongoing occupation of Ireland as the mass opposition to planned Free State Commemorations for Crown forces demonstrated.

Elizabeth Windsor claims illegal jurisdiction over 6 Irish Counties and is the Commander in Chief of the Brit Imperialist Military that enforces that occupation through arms and has committed in innumerable crimes against the Irish People. There will never be a welcome for Windsor or any so-called British Royals in Ireland.

Socialist Republicans across Ireland will continue to resist the partition and occupation of Ireland and will continue to organise to oppose English Royal visits that seek to normalise the presence of British Imperialism in our country.

The time has come to build a mass campaign for a British Withdrawal from Ireland, ending partition and the Occupation.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland is committed to playing out part in that campaign.

For National Liberation and Socialist Revolution.

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