Pal Zappone and the Political Frankenstein

Recently released WhatsApp screenshots have given the public a rare glimpse into the corrupt inner workings of the free state regime, and how it interlocks with global imperialism. 

The revelations centre around scandal-ridden former minister Katherine ‘Capone’ Zappone and her quest to leverage her ‘service’ into a lucrative position within the worldwide NGO apparatus. 

Zappone texts asking foreign minister Simon Coveney to recommend her to American USAID boss Samantha Power for a job. 

USAID is the ‘foreign aid and development’ arm of the US government, dumping excess American products and financing sprawling American charities according to US political objectives.

It is also commonly used as a front for the CIA.  The top CIA men who ran the Phoenix Program during the American War on Vietnam did so under “USAID director” cover, for example. 

Samantha Power is an Irish born child killer. She personally killed a young boy in Cameroon with her car while she was Obama’s UN Ambassador. 

However she has killed 10s or 100s of thousands of children, and condemned millions of them to slavery and starvation by planning and launching dirty wars and sanctions against Libya, Syria and elsewhere in her role as top level Imperial bureaucrat. 

She visits Ireland regularly to give “human rights” talks and receive awards. She calls herself an “activist”, and many accept this at face value. Her husband is Cass Sunstein, a Law professor known for various theories on how governments can get the behaviour they want from populations via “nudges” and “cognitive infiltration”.


So these WhatsApp screenshots give us a look into how garrison class loyalists are rewarded with promotion to the higher Imperial strata. Zappone served the free state regime as Children’s Minister by giving a progressive gloss (she is a liberal and a lesbian) to the Mother and Baby Homes scandal cover-up, among other actions.  This – LGBTQ as a progressive fig leaf to hide atrocities – is the policy the US, NATO and reactionary colonial States around the world, so it is not surprising that Zappone wants to get her piece of the pie.


A network of similar garrison loyalists was unearthed by AIA in 2019 with multiple Irish politicians revealed to be in the pay and under the sway of an Iranian cult used by the US and Israel as a front to attack Iran. This includes Mary Robinson, who has been a UN Special Envoy – the same role Zappone was seeking.

And so seeing how the “sausage gets made”  shows us how lackeys are rewarded as loyal tools of Imperialism. We can expect that all Irish Garrison and Comprador class loyalists currently being rewarded by the EU, UN, NGO and Global business sectors have similar or more venal backstories they have so far kept hidden.

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