Armagh: Republican Protest forces the Cancellation of English Royal Visit!

England’s Queen has cancelled a much hyped visit to occupied Ireland, days after it emerged that British Crown Forces were concerned for her safety.

A Spokesperson for the Socialist Republican Group Anti Imperialist Action Ireland has said, ‘The commander in chief of the British Military has now cancelled a controversial visit to Ireland. Attempting to save face by citing medical concerns and sending Boris Johnson in her place will not hide the reality that the visit has been cancelled because of fears of protest by Socialist Republicans and Anti Imperialists.’

‘Armagh city has already been on lockdown for 2 days with the RUC establishing ‘exclusion zones’ and shadowy British Military operatives making themselves known in unmarked vehicles. There has also been an increase in British military convoys across Occupied Ireland in the past 24 hours, evidence of a major British Security Operation’.

The spokesperson continued, ‘With the British media highlighting concerns about expected Anti Imperialist protests, there can be no doubt that the English Royal Visit has been cancelled because of those concerns.’

‘Britain has no right to be in Ireland and should get out now. The only comments the Irish People want to hear from British imperialists is a declaration of their intent to withdraw from our country. The illegal occupation and partition of Ireland will never be accepted by Revolutionary Socialist Republicans or Anti Imperialists, and history has shown so long as British Imperialist interference in Ireland continues so will resistance.’

The spokesperson concluded, ‘The Republican People of Armagh who have been preparing to oppose the visit by England’s Queen have sent a clear message to British Imperialism that the occupation will never be accepted. British imperialism have been handed a bloody nose by being forced to cancel a royal visit, and that same pressure must be continued to prevent the designation of Armagh as a UK City Of Culture. Armagh is an Irish City, illegally occupied by military force. British Imperialism has shown a weakness by cancelling this visit because of Republican protest. That weakness must be exploited and AIA once again call for all Republicans to work together to end the occupation of Ireland.

For National Liberation and Socialist Revolution- Tiocfaidh Ár Lá

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