British Imperialists Eye Up More Irish Natural Resources

As Capitalist energy producers switch their attention to capturing Renewable Energy markets, British Imperialism has its eyes firmly set on conquering control of the generation Irish wind power, particularly off shore wind power.

British Imperialists have advanced plans to move into the off shore wind power generation in Ireland and have floated plans for joint ventures between British and Irish companies to develop new off shore wind turbines.

Britain’s trade envoy to the Free State has been explicit in outlining their intention to capture control of Irish wind power, stating, ‘We want UK and Irish companies to work together and to bid jointly for all the massive contracts that are going to be on offer in Ireland, particularly as a result of offshore wind capacity’.

As part of this plan, in July 2021, the British Ambassador’s residence in Leopardstown, Dublin hosted an event that brought British officials together with 30 Irish companies to discuss opportunities for how British Imperialism can ensure its control of the wind power generated off shore in Ireland.

Developing the strategy to capture control of renewable energies, Britain will hold what is being described as ‘a major UN climate change conference, COP26’, in Glasgow in November, and the British Government has been calling on Irish companies to join the global coalition to reach net-zero emissions known as ‘Business Ambition for 1.5C commitment.’

Several Irish companies have already joined, including An Post, Kingspan and Primark (Penney’s).

The British Embassy in Ireland has announced further plans to organise a trade mission to Ireland next spring for ‘green companies’ from northern England, to encourage them to buy into the Irish Market.

It is clear that British Imperialism intends to take control of Irish Wind power, a natural resource that belongs by right to the Irish People. As with the robbery of our oil and gas, the free state, ever subservient to the interests of imperialism, will to all that they can to facilitate the British Imperialist take over of the production of renewable energies in Ireland.

The fight to defend our natural resources is a fight that must be lead by the Irish Working Class. All our natural resources and the energy and wealth produced by those resources belong by right to the Irish People and should be used for the benefit of the Irish People.

As the environment crisis caused by the imperialist destruction of our world deepens, this fight will take on increasing importance. No is the time to stand and defend our natural resources with the same militancy as we defended our water. We cannot let our wealth and resources fall into Imperialist hands!

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