Conspiracy Theory, Para Political Practice

How does ‘conspiracy’ relate to capitalism, fascism and imperialism?

Some sections of the masses engage in a spontaneous and ‘common sense’ attempt to explain the obvious degradation and corruption of capitalism – advanced behaviour – but are given no guidance or engagement from communists and so left to slip into reactionary and ridiculous disinfo explanations instead (explaining the destruction of their existence as a plot by ‘Rothschild bankers’ instead of the inevitable workings of the capitalist system).

Why are marxists content to let this happen, preferring dry discussions about Value and other abstract theory in comfortable bubbles instead?

One podcast which does an excellent job of investigating the inner workings of capitalists, imperialists and fascists while explaining it in clear and engaging terms for the masses is ‘Programmed To Chill’.

We spoke with Jimmy the creator of this podcast about all these topics and more, hoping to plant seeds and spark discussion.

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