Dublin: Macradh- ISR Youth Remember Kevin Barry

On November 1st activists from Macradh-ISR Youths Dublin Slua assembled on North King Street in Dublin at the spot of the Monks bakery ambush in which Kevin Barry was captured.

The event was chaired bilingualy in Irish and English by a Macradh activist beginning with a minutes silence for comrade Ka Oris of the NPA who was killed on Sunday by Filipino state forces.

Following the minutes silence the chair then called upon another macradh activist to give the main oration. The text of which is as follows

“Comrades we we gathered here today to remember a fearless soldier who on the morning of November 1st 1920 stood upon the gallows in Mountjoy Gaol awaiting execution for his role in a daring IRA ambush on the forces of occupation.

Despite only been a young lad of 18 years Kevin Barry defiantly faced his captors havimg refused to give up his comrades despite relentless torture and offers of freedom if he would just give up his comrades and when put before an illegitimate British military court Barry proudly declared that he was a soldier of the Irish Republic and did not recognize the court and while he awaited death Barry stated It is nothing, to give one’s life for Ireland. I’m not the first and maybe I won’t be the last. What’s my life compared with the cause

Barry’s  defiance in the face death should come as no suprise to anyone, Kevin Barry was a brave young Volunteer who had pledged himself to the Irish Republic at a very young age first joining the Republican movement aged only 15 and while still in school and throughout the next 3 yours despite his young age would play a committed and active role as a volunteer of the Irish Republican Army. 

Kevin Barry’s bravery and the role he played in the ongoing struggle for Irish Freedom should be an inspiration to all young Socialist Republicans as we seek to continue that struggle on to that certain day when victory will be achieved.

While it is important that we gather to pay tribute to our martyrs through events such as this if we truly want to honour them and the cause for which they died then we must continue on to the reestablishment of the All Ireland peoples Republic and the liberation of our people.

When looking at the fate of Kevin Barry and those who have gone both before and after him to not be saddened or down trodden but let it inspire you to continue on to victory so that never again will our people suffer under  British imperialism

Beir bua
Tiochfaidh ar lá”

Following the speech which was well received by the Macradh-ISR Youth activists and members of the public who had stopped to listen the chair then called on another young activist to lay a wreath for Kevin Barry which was followed by a minutes silence in memory of all those who gave their lives in the ongoing struggle for Irish Freedom.

The event was then brought to a close with a Macradh-ISR Youth activist performing a haunting rendition of Kevin Barry which was met with applause by both the activists and members of the public

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