Down With Imperialist Data Centres!

!In their century-long race to sell off Ireland’s national assets to the first foreign imperialist who will take them, the ruling class of the Free State has hit a new low. Data centres established by and for U.S. multinationals are ravaging our country and with zero benefit for the Irish people.

Just one of these parasitic data centres uses as much energy as a small city, such as Kilkenny. Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple rake in enormous profits as data becomes an increasingly valuable commodity while the Irish people suffer all the consequences of their destructive practices. U.S. billionaires store their advertising analytics while we get:

· Regular black-outs across the country
· The equivalent of adding 140,000 households to the energy grid every year
· Loss of vast swathes of land for green-field sites
· Loss of large amounts of our fresh water supply, an increasingly scarce resources
At the current rate, they will use over 70% of our electricity usage by 2030 (already uses 11%)
And all these issues are only set to worsen as more and more data centres go up all the time.

We face an unprecedented climate crisis and these incredibly wasteful data centres require huge mineral resource extraction (responsible for nearly half of global carbon emissions) and use massive amounts of energy (drawn near entirely from fossil fuels).

The Garrison Class pretends to care about climate change and makes us pay carbon taxes while they let multinationals away with murder.

We say: NO to Data Centres!

As Liam Mellows said in 1922, before being executed by the counter-revolutionary Free state:

‘It is a fallacy to believe that a Republic of any kind can be won through the shackled Free State. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The Free State is British created, British controlled and serves British Imperialist interests.’

The Irish people must decide what kind of Ireland they want – one subservient to imperialism or one run in the interests of the people.

Join the resistance – for Ireland and for our future.

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