Housing for the People: The All Ireland Socialist Republican Housing Campaign

Housing for the People is the All Ireland Socialist Republican Housing Campaign, launched by Anti Imperialist Action Ireland to build a militant working class led housing movement across the 32 counties. The campaign is focused on building in communities to confront landlords and imperialist housing vultures and to organize against economic evictions, campaigning for genuinely fair rents and fixity of tenure, and ultimately winning a Public Housing system that can meet the needs of our people, through the required Revolutionary change our class and country needs.

The Following is a report of the Housing for the People Campaign in recent weeks, seeing activism in all four provinces in Ireland and mobilising Socialist Republicans across the country on the Housing issue, one of the key issues facing the working class.


Belfast, County Antrim:

Comrades in Belfast have been active in the campaign by erecting posters in several areas of the city


Socialist Republicans have taken to the streets across the County to highlight the campaign with postering and stickering


Local activists have been promoting AIA and the Housing for the People campaign with posters and stickers across the county


Local Socialist Republicans in Monaghan have begun to actively highlight the Housing for the People Campaign with a series of posters and stickers across the country



South City: Socialist Republicans in the South City have been taking to the streets in recent weeks to build a local campaign group. activities have included leafleting, postering, stickering combined with camping stalls ans door knocking to directly engage local residents on the issues. several local protests have also been organised by socialist Republicans in the area to hightlight the campaign and to help mobilise local residents in the fightback against landlords and imperialist housing vultures.

North City: Socialist Republicans in the North City have been actively building the campaign through postering and stickering and campaign stalls and local graffitti in the North Inner City, and have also been active in eviction resistance in the community over recent weeks.

North County: Dublin: Socialist Republicans in North County Dublin have erected posters throughout communities in the area.

Dún Laoghaire: Socialist Republicans in Dún Laoghaire have been highlighting the campaign with stickers and posters across the borough.

Meath: Socialist Republicans in Meath have erected posters across the county, particularly in the larger towns, encouraging people to get involved in the campaign.

Kildare: Socialist Republican activists in Kildare have been active in the campaign, raising awareness by erecting the campaign poster across the county

Carlow: The Socialist Republican campaign has been highlighted across Carlow town and county with posters and stickers


North Wicklow: Socialist Republicans have been highlighting the campaign with posters and stickers across the large towns in the area incuding Bray, Greystones, Kilcoole and Newtownmountkennedy. Graffiti has Also gone up in the area.

South Wicklow: Socialist Republicans in Arklow organised a banner drop and pyro display to highlight the housing issue and the fightback against the landlords and imperialist vultures. the message was clear, only revolutionary action through an All Ireland Socialist Republican campaign can address the housing issue.



Socialist Republicans in Galway have been active highlighting the campaign leafleting working class estates t encourage resisdents to get invloved and erecting posters to build the profile of the campaign and the need to fight back against landlords and imperialist housing vultures.



Socialist Republicans in cork have been active in the campaign by erecting stickers across Cork City highlighting the role of imperialist vultures in the artificial housing crisis across Ireland


Socialist Republicans in Kerry have benn highlighting the campaign with postering across the county


Socialist republicans in Limerick City have been working to highlight the all Ireland campaign with posters across the working class communities in the area


Socialist republicans in Waterford have been very active in building the campaign with local actions including Housing for the People graffitti, the distribution of leaflets and postering and stickering across the city.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland is building the resistance across the 32 counties and is active in all the areas listed above and more. We are a growing Socialist Republican organisation committed to the struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution and the housing situation in Ireland is a key issue facing the working class in the time ahead.

The Housing for the People campaign is growing across the country and is open to all who want to play a part taking on exploitative landlords and imperialist housing vultures and to build a revolutionary strength in our communities that can challenge and remove the root cause of the artificial housing crisis in Ireland, namely the British Occupation and the Free State Counter Revolution.

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