Galway City: Organise against the Free State’s largest private landlord firm plundering our communities.

The largest landlord corporation in the 26 county state is moving into the Galway city housing market. They already own four thousand united of housing, and are still looking to expand.

This parasitical organisation seeks to gentrify the city by increase the rent of existing property and marketing it as “luxury” housing in order to make profits of the Galway working class. This will squeeze out the local community by preventing them from being able to afford to live in the areas they have lived in all their lives, and potentially put working class Galwegians at risk of homelessness.

Anti-imperialist Action is building it’s “Housing for the People” campaign in Galway city. The only way to combat the imperialist landlord class is to organise active resistance in defend of the working class of Galway.

We cannot wait for Free State politicians to protect us from landlordism, only and organised and militant community can achieve the goal of cheap and stable housing.

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