Solidarity with the PFLP and the Palestinian Resistance On Land Day

Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland sends its solidarity to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and its freedom fighters in the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades on their observance of Land Day.

This observance- marking the anniversary of the Palestinian people’s mass resistance against the Zionist annexation of the Galilee region in 1976, comes at a particularly important time for the Palestinian national liberation movement. Within the beginning of this decade Zionist repression has only escalated with new waves of airstrikes targeting and killing civilians, several far-right Zionist pogroms in Jerusalem, horrifying scenes of police brutality at the Damascus Gate, and mass evictions in Sheikh Jar rah. Zionist armored trucks have sped through Jerusalem blasting crowds of Palestinians with chemicals from high-pressure water cannons, for the crime of observing a religious holiday. Within only weeks of writing for example, the Zionist occupier navy opened fire on innocent fishermen from Gaza as just another example of the sick disregard for human life of the illegitimate Zionist state. However, with this increased repression and blood lust by the occupiers the drive for resistance by the Palestinian people and their fighters for national liberation in the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades has only increased. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, facing its own share of the oppression with the ongoing imprisonment of its general secretary Ahmad Sa’adat and other political prisoners, has stepped up to the plate, with guerrillas engaging in combat against Zionist troops during the massive surge in anti-Palestinian pogroms and airstrikes in May 2021. For their leaps and bounds in the cause of Palestinian resistance they have been battered the military might of the invading occupiers and the imprisonment or murder of their leaders at the front, and also by reaction and betrayal from the rear.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, founded by the revolutionary leader George Habash in 1967, has been an excellent example of secular resistance. Although the Palestinian resistance movement is often demonized as socially backwards or strictly Islamist by pro-Zionist media, the PFLP along with other similar organisations has defied this narrative by standing up for the rights of Palestinians of all religions and empowering women through feminist initiatives such as the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees. A broad mass movement befitting of the title of a Popular Front fuels the strength of the guerrillas, adding wind to their sails and ensuring that they remain in touch with the Palestinian people. Alongside the broad support from their own nation, the PFLP enjoy the support of anti-imperialists throughout the world who are impressed by their ability to continue to fight for the cause of Palestinian liberation. It is well-known in Ireland, despite the slander of the Free State establishment, that when the Palestinian people are faced with apartheid, bombing, blockades, starvation, and indiscriminate murder at the hands of Zionist settlers, they have every right to resist, defend themselves, and defend their land. The shared right to resistance against colonial occupation is what has bound the Irish and Palestinian people so closely together over the decades. We share a special relationship.

Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland is proud to continue this Socialist Republican tradition of solidarity with Palestine by sending out greetings to the brave activists and fighters of the PFLP on Land Day. From 1976 to 2022 the same cause which drove millions against the annexation of Galilee lives on in their red flag, in their rallies, in their hunger strikes, and in their guns.

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