Irish Socialist Republicans New Years Statement 2023

The leadership of Irish Socialist Republicans extends our greeting to our members and supporters at home and abroad. We send our greetings to the mass organisations organising the People’s Resistance on a daily basis across Ireland, particularly Anti Imperialist Action, the Revolutionary Housing League and Óige Réablóideach. At this time of year we send our solidarity to all Revolutionary Republican organisations that continue the struggle for Irish National Liberation and Socialist Revolution, and to the Republican POWs being held captive in British and Free State Gaols across Ireland.

Revolution continues to be the growing trend in the world as the exploited and oppressed masses rise and fight against the forces of capitalism and imperialism.  The Revolution in Ireland is very much a part of this world revolution and Irish Socialist Republicans stand in solidarity with revolutionary forces around the world fighting for national liberation and socialism. In particular we extend our revolutionary solidarity to our comrades, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and to the Palestinian National Resistance who are taking the fight against Zionist Imperialism to new heights, it is an inspiration to all revolutionaries in Ireland. Today, we also send our greetings to the most advanced revolutions in the world, the People’s Wars in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines, and to the parties and organisations that have taken the historic step of meeting in the first unified Maoist conference in 2022, establishing the International Communist League. 

Ireland at the beginning of 2023 remains both a colony and a semi-colony, partitioned and occupied by British Imperialism and dominated by British, European and North American Imperialism. 25 years after the signing of Britain’s Good Friday Agreement, a treaty that only served to copperfasten British rule in Ireland, National Liberation remains the primary contradiction in Ireland and must be the driving force for all Revolutionary Socialist Republicans. Resistance is the sole path to the victory of our revolution and must stand as the roadmap for Socialist Republicans in opposition to the revisionism of parliamentarism, electoralism or border polls. In continuing the struggle for National Liberation it is the task of Socialist Republicans to link the everyday struggles of the people to the National Liberation struggle and to unite all resistance against the common enemies of Imperialism and Free Staterism. To make this a reality across the 32 counties, we renew our call for an Anti Imperialist Broad Front, uniting all Revolutionary Republicans, socialists, and other progressives around a common revolutionary programme while at the same time maintaining organisational independence, and building cooperation to achieve our common revolutionary goals. The Broad Front is a revolutionary necessity. 2023 must be the year that all genuine revolutionary republicans put aside organisational or personal differences and enter into discussions about the way forward, organising a Broad Front and developing a common revolutionary programme for the defeat of imperialism and the victory of the Republic.

There are many areas that the resistance can and do find common ground and cooperate, and many campaigns that we can work together to mobilise the masses into our struggle. Throughout 2022 Socialist Republicans have given strong leadership in many of these areas and campaigns, from the Housing War which has been a great organiser for the revolutionary movement, to Anti Fascism, the Cost of Living Resistance, anti-NATO and international solidarity. In 2023 these campaigns must be expanded to include key issues such as the rising workers struggles, environmentalism, and the Irish Language to imbed the revolutionary movement in communities across the country.

As we enter 2023, the threat to Ireland posed by NATO is very real. A NATO power, Britain, continues to forcefully occupy 6 Irish counties while at the same time the other key NATO power, US Imperialism continues to occupy a civilian Irish airport at Shannon, with the full subservience of the Free State Administration. As international imperialism continues to be stretched due to its ever deepening crisis, the imperialist powers at the centre of NATO have turned to warmongering as their hoped way out. Under this strategy Ireland is firmly in their sights as they want to bring all 32 counties into the NATO alliance and use Irish resources and manpower to advance their war efforts. The Irish People have repeatedly demonstrated that they are opposed to NATO and imperialist war. 2023 must see national resistance to the presence of NATO in Ireland stepped up across the 32 counties in a popular resistance campaign similar to the housing war and the mass campaign against the water tax. The fight against NATO is a key part of our struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Republicans will be to the fore in the resistance, attempting to bring a national popular campaign about.

2023 will be a year of Revolutionary Socialist Republican Resistance from the Housing War, the Cost of Living Resistance, Environmentalism and Workers Struggles, united into the struggle for National Liberation. It is once again the duty of Socialist Republicans to be at the fore, mobilising the people, creating access points for the struggle and strengthening and organising the Revolutionary Movement to continue the struggle until victory.  The lessons from the revolutionary activism of 2022 has greatly strengthened the Resistance Movement for 2023. Building on those successes, now is the time to push forward and bring the revolution in Ireland to new heights!

For National Liberation and Socialist Revolution- Join the Revolutionary Socialist Republican Movement Now!

Beir Bua- Tiocfaidh Ár Lá

An Lár Choiste,

Irish Socialist Republicans

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In particular I applaud the call for a broad front. It would be helpful to put some flesh on this call by practical measures, such as organising the production of a broad front periodical open to different individuals and organisations and, in the shorter term, talking to interested parties about organising an “Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Imperialism, For Socialism Bloc” to participate in events, such as for example the Mayday parades.

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