Salah Hamouri and the Right of Return!

‘The Israeli’s are not stronger than the Americans, and the Palestinians are not weaker than the Vietnamese’- Salah Hamouri

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland condems in the strongest possible terms the illegal deportation of the Palestinian Lawyer Salah Hamouri by the Zionist War Criminals, from his home in East Jerusalem to France.

Following nine months of administrative detention, on December 18 Salah Hamouri was deported by the Zionists who have stated he is active with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The Zionists hoped to use the cover of France’s involvement in the world Cup final, to hush up their illegal actions. Hamouri, is a human rights lawyer and advocate who has previously worked with the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association. Born and raised in East Jerusalem, the Zionist have used the fact that his mother and his wife are French to deport him from Palestine.

Hamouri’s deportation is just the latest act in a campaign of long harassment against the Palestinian activist by the Zionist enity. Imprisoned on several occasions, Hamouri has not been broken by the harassment and remains defiant.

Speaking in the Paris Airport, Hamouri declared, “Today, brutally torn from my homeland, by this occupying force, which continues its ethnic cleansing since 1948 until today. Today, I am more convinced that this machine of destruction, which is called Israel, will retreat only before a project of Palestinian resistance. For me, Palestine is a cause, not a geography. I’m changing locations, but the fight continues with you. We always speak of liberation and return, and we will continue to speak of liberation and return….Palestine is our cause, and we stand by our cause to ensure that our next generation does not suffer what we suffer. Our motto should be: Resistance, Liberation, Return. We stand by this motto and we will continue.”

At the dawn of 2023, the latest Zionist war crime against Salah Hamouri highlights before the world the ongoing plight of the Palestinian Refugees and brings into focus the right of all Palestinians exiled from their homeland through the crimes of Zionism and Imperialism to Return to Palestine. Anti Imperialist Action Ireland upholds the Right of Return and salutes the Palestinian Resistance as only way to defeat Zionism and Imperialism in Palestine and to guarantee the Right of Return. We also send our solidarity to Salah Hamouri and to his family friends and comrades at this time. In the words of IRA hungerstrike Martyr Bobby Sands, “They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one… man who doesn’t want to be broken”

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