An appeal to Sinn Féin supporters!

Is Charles Windsor, the Commander in Chief of the British Army your King?

Do you recognise his illegal claim over Ireland?

Do you recognise the forced partition and British Military Occupation of our Country?

At a time when Irish People are faced with evictions, homelessness and a rising cost of living crisis caused by capitalism, do you support Michelle O’Neill attending a fuedal pagent in honour of the oppressors of our Nation to be wined and dined by British Imperialism to the tune of hundreds of millions?

Whatever happened to Ourselves Alone?

If you answered no to the questions above it is time to reject the party that has sold you out and betrayed our noble and legitimate struggle for Freedom.

It is time instead to stand with genuine Republicans as we put the British Imperialist Monarchy on trial. Assemble at the GPO at 1pm on Saturday May 6, and take your place as a citizen jurer in the Revolutionary People’s Court of Justice.

Abolish the Monarchy- Britain Out of Ireland- Saor Éire Anois!
Reject the sell out and betrayal of our Freedom Struggle- Stand by the Republic- An Phoblacht Abú!

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