Political Actions in Dublin on May Day

Socialist Republicans protested against the detention of three activists of the RHL outside of Store Street Garda station on the 1st of May. All three activists were later released after a large picket which lasted several hours, attended by sympathetic organisations and supporters. Protestors were met with state harassment by the Garda, and witnessed the brutal treatment of a frustrated homeless man, who was viciously attacked and arrested. After having offended the GardaĆ­, the man had milk smacked from his hand, was shoved violently, and then put in handcuffs by a Garda who shouted “Do you think we’re stupid?”

After the picket, Socialist Republicans took part in a variety of political actions. Members of Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland laid a wreath in Ashford, County Wicklow in honour of IRA Volunteer Ronan McLoughlin. Other members attended the annual May Day march alongside the Dublin Communities Against Racism. The march was well attended, although it attracted some odd reactionary elements such as a pro-war protestor handing out Ukrainian flags.

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