MI5 Attempt to Question Republican Ex-POW

Last week a Republican ex-POW from the Occupied 6 Counties was stoped by MI5 on return from a holiday in Lanzarote.

In an attempt to intimate the Republican he was brought to an interrogation room and dogs were also brought in.

Members of MI5 then attempted to question him including questions in relation to Anti Imperialist Action Ireland.

The Republican refused to engage and immediately highlighted this stop by MI5.

Britains intelligence services work in the shadows and the best way to fight them is to expose their activities. AIA commend this Republican ex-POW for coming forward. There is no shame in being approached by MI5, the shame is in engaging with or working with them.

In recent years MI5 have stepped up their campaign against Republicans across Ireland, attempting to recruit informers, to intimidate Republicans and their families and to set Republican activists up.

All such tactics will ultimately fail in preventing Irish Republicans from pursuing our legitimate objective of achieving the All Ireland Republic proclaimed in 1916.

AIA encourages anyone else who is approached either by Britain’s Military Intelligence or the Free State Special Branch to come forward and expose the shadowing actions of the forces of Occupation and reaction.

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