NATO Criminal Opposed in Dublin

Today, Anti Imperialist Action, protested outside a NATO meeting in Dublin.

The key speaker at this event was Admiral Rob Bauer, Chair of the NATO Military Committee. This role places him as the most senior military officer in NATO.

The activists accosted those attending the meeting as they entered, with such chants as “No to NATO!”, “US Troops, Out of Shannon” and “From Ireland to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime”. AIA activists also held a large banner which said “NATO/BRITAIN OUT OF IRELAND”. An AIA activist also gave a speech denouncing the British occupation and the continuing attempts by the Free State to strengthen links with NATO.

Free State police including members of the Special Branch were present in large numbers at the event to protect this imperialist terrorist. A large number of officers of the Free State Army attended the meeting alongside the usual diplomatic and Free State officials. Republican activists at the protest noted the presence of unknown individuals wearing earpieces and NATO badges acting as security and recording the demonstration.

As the meeting ended Rob Bauer himself was marched out surrounded by Special Branch and his own security as activists made it known he wasn’t welcome. Bauer was clearly shaken by the presence of anti-NATO protestors. Free State soldiers leaving the meeting were rightfully denounced as West Brits and toy soldiers.

This was only one stage of this latest NATO propaganda exercise. Bauer was also given a full military ceremony by the Free State Army at a barracks in Cabra yesterday, setting down a laurel in the name of “peace”. That this international terrorist organisation could ever speak of peace is an insult.

Bauer has been instrumental in sending weapons to arm fascists in the imperialist war in Ukraine, responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. Under his watch NATO has given full support to the genocide in Palestine. His visit can only be seen as part of the efforts by the Free State to embroil the Irish working class in NATO and their imperialist wars. The Free State Army has been training the Ukrainian military in Ukraine as well as providing equipment against the wishes of the Irish People.

Ireland is still occupied by thousands of NATO troops, the British Army in the Occupied 6 counties. An Imperialist force responsible for the murder of thousands of Irish people. Shannon Airport is used as a forward military operating base by NATO despite the opposition of Irish people. There should be no normalisation or acceptance of NATO in Ireland.

Anti Imperialist Action will continue to organise against the NATO presence in Ireland, for an end to the British occupation and a genuinely sovereign Irish People’s Republic.


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