Republican POW on Protest in Maghaberry Prison

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland extends our solidarity to Republican POW Dermot Burke from Dungiven, Derry who is currently on protest in Maghaberry Prison.

Interned by Remand by the British forces of Occupation on January 23 2024, Dermot Burke commenced a No Wash protest on February 19 as the MI5 led prison regime falsely claimed he was under threat from Republican POWs and refused to transfer him to the Republican Wing at Roe House.

As part of the protest, Dermot is smearing his excrement on the walls of his cell, an action previously taken by Republican POWs who refused to be criminalised by the British Occupation.

The Republican POWs in Maghaberry and and the IRPWA have rubbished MI5 claims about any threats against Dermot Burke and have called for him to be immediately transferred to Roe House.

AIA echo this call of the Republican Prisoners and demand Dermot Burke is transferred to the Republican Wing.

British Imperialism is still at war in Ireland and MI5 are at the forefront of that war against Republicans. The treatment of Dermot Burke is unacceptable to anyone who believes in basic human rights and is just more MI5 games aimed to harass Irish Republicans.

All Republicans should speak out in support of Dermot Burke and Support all Republican Prisoners across Ireland.

Victory to the Republican Prisoners!

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