England Do You Really Think It’s Over?

England do you really think it’s over?

Today Anti Imperialist Action Ireland proudly remembers the Loughgall Martyrs who were killed on this day in 1987 by Britain’s SAS, on orders from the highest levels of the British Government, while on active service fighting to free Ireland from British Imperialism.

IRA Volunteers Tony Gormley (24), Patrick Kelly (30), Pádraig McKearney (32), Jim Lynagh (31), Eugene Kelly (25), Declan Arthurs (21), Gerard O’Callaghan (29) and Seamus Donnelly (19), gave their lives for a sovereign, independent, 32 County Irish Republic on that day.

It was widely known that these Republican Volunteers were strongly opposed to any leadership move to run down the war or the Army and to any settlement with imperialism short of National Liberation.

In the months and years before the ambush the Loughgall Martyrs had been key to driving a guerrilla war to drive the British out of border areas to create liberated zones in the Occupied 6 Counties that would take the war to the next level.

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