Dublin and Monaghan Bombings: 50 Years

50 years ago this evening, a British Death Squad acting on the orders of MI5 and the British Government placed 3 no warning bombs in Dublin and one in Monaghan.

The death squad who planted the bombs, although claimed by the UVF, were all members of the British Army’s so called Ulster Defence Regiments, a unit of the British Army deliberately established to ensure Loyalist Militias were an official part of the Occupation forces in Ireland.

The bombs in Dublin exploded at 5.28pm, 5.30pm and 5.32pm while the device in Monaghan exploded at 6.58. On that day Britain’s terrorists killed 34 Irish Citizens and injured 300.

The British Soldiers who carried out the attack included: Billy Hanna, Robert McConnell, Harris Boyle and Robin Jackson all who worked closely with the British Army intelligence Corps who were controlled by MI5.

Shamefully within minutes of the bombings, Fine Gael as leaders of the Free State establishment attempted to place the blame on Republicans and the Irish Republican Army.

But the world knows that the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings were a British War Crime carried out with the full authority of the British Imperialist Government by British Soldiers.

50 years on Britain and the Free State continue to refuse to tell the truth about this terrorist atrocity. Today we remember all this who were killed and injured and will never forget the crimes of the ongoing British Occupation in Ireland.

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