Renewal of Special Courts shows there is nothing normal about the Free State

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland has condemned the Free State for its renewal once again of its emergency powers and in particular the use of Special Courts.

Speaking from Dublin, a spokesperson for the Socialist Republican Organisation said, ‘The renewal of Emergency Powers and Special courts shows the world that there is nothing normal about the Free State. The Free State administration is unable to rule in what is considered a normal or democratic way and so relies on the use of Special Courts to railroad legitimate political opposition into prison.

‘The Special Courts used by the Free State have been condemned by the Irish Council of Civil Liberties, the United Nations and a focus group put together by the Free State administration who all have urged the Special Courts be scrapped. In renewing the court, Free State minster used the threat of Military Action by Republicans against British Imperialism in the occupied 6 counties as the reason the courts must be kept. As our history shows, so long as the illegal occupation and partition is maintained, Republican Resistance against British Imperialism will continue.’

The spokesperson continued, ‘If instead of being so subservient to international imperialism, those in Leinster House actually did something to challenge the British Presence in Ireland, instead of targeting Irish Republicans, they wouldn’t need Special Courts or Emergency Powers. The continued use of Special non jury courts demonstrates that there is no democracy in Ireland.’

Abolish the Special Courts-Smash the Free State- Britain Out of Ireland.

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