Stop the Extradition of All Irish Republicans!

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland condemn the arrest and dragging before an extradition court this week of Irish Republican Jim Donegan (Cavan).

Donegan is accused of alleged involvement in an IRA operation in 1979 in Armagh during which a British Soldier with the UDR was killed. The British also want to charge Donegan with possession of a weapon and membership of the Irish Republican Army.

No Irish Republican should be transferred into British Custody where it is well known that current Republican POWs held in British Gaols in Ireland are subjected to inhumane treatment and torture including forces strip searching.

There are now four Irish Republicans facing extradition by the 26 Counties to the Occupied 6 Counties. Jim Donegan, Seamus O’Kane John McNicholl and Sean Walsh. Sean Walsh has been held in a free state gaol for 3 years.

All Irish Republicans must speak with one voice against extradition. It’s time to stand together and campaign to stop the Extradition of Irish Republicans!

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