Drugs As Weapons Against Us

People in Ireland know all too well how drugs can be used against us.

John Potash wrote a book studying the many ways, over many decades, how drugs have been used to destroy countries, communities, revolutionaries, activists and musicians.

We discussed this book Drugs As Weapons Against Us with John, touching on topics such as why and how he wrote it, what some of the patterns of destructive drugs as weapons are, and some ways to treat drug addiction.

Many of the stories are almost too brutal and cynical to be believed, but they are but up with mountains of vital evidence.

It is very important that people and revolutionaries recalibrate our attitudes to drugs and become better able to combat and resist this form of imperialist and capitalist attack on our communities and our psyches.

There is both a book and a documentary made by John on this topic, and it builds on research by people like Dave McGowan and others around today.

Expanding this research, as well as well as relating it to capitalism as part of the revolutionary science, is an important practical and theoretical task for us today.

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