Peter Tatchell’s Pink Imperialism to Barret’s Blueshirts: the Free States flavours of child abuse

Widespread controversy has erupted in Ireland upon the Free State Frankenstein coalition shambling into office and being hit immediately with a scandal involving past pictures of the newly appointed Minister For Children associating with “activist” Peter Tatchell.

Tatchell has a long history. A gay rights and supposed “humanitarian” campaigner since the 70s, it has been his views that young children can “enjoy” sex with adults that has rightfully raised the ire of the Irish public recently.
Anti-imperialists have had him on their radar since before the 1990s.

Back then he faced a backlash from the the Muslim community in Britain for he and his NGO’s aggressive interventions into their spaces justified by his “liberal humanitarian” saviour schemes.

This liberal interventionism by Tatchell soon extended to support for British imperialist aggression against countries around the world.

Tatchell is a British colonial settler from Australia and the countries he particularly targets are former British colonies such as Zimbabwe/”Rhodesia”.

It was Britain which imposed the anti-homosexual, homophobic paradigm upon cultures with no history of it throughout the world as the leading world Empire in the 1860s.

Homosexuality was still a criminal offence in Britain until the 1960s.
British imperialism flipped very suddenly soon after: it now uses anti-homophobia as its justification for interventions, in contrast to its historical justification to wipe out the rampant homosexuality of the savages of the colonies it conquered around the world.

It needs to be underscored that the British Empire (as well as its European colonial rivals and the US empire which took over from it) have never been progressive – but rather have been the most genocidal, the most patriarchal, the most racist, the most homophobic and the most child exploitative systems in world history.

Tatchell has been a key organiser of this newly rebranded Imperial assault.

He mixes sometimes brave anti homophobia activism with a chauvinist, paternalist outlook that is very useful for imperialism.

The term ‘homonationalist’ was coined to describe Tatchell specifically.
Tatchell is the archetype homonationalist and Israel is the archetypal homonationalist state.

Israel brands itself as a progressive, modern country.
Women serve in the army, as do gay and trans people with special dispensation for vegans.

The Israeli army also sexually abuses Palestinian women and children as an inherent part of its colonial aggression against the native people, while sexually blackmailing gay Palestinians and maintaining a racial hierarchy.
One term for this is pink-washing: a progressive coating to mask over the most vile, brutal behaviour that comes with colonial occupation.

To be an anti-imperialist is to fight for the rights of children, because children are the most devastated by colonial assault.

This is one reason why Peter Tatchell’s allies in the Green Party (and nearly every other Free State political party, such as Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour, Sinn Fein etc who all praised Peter Tatchell and are committed imperialists) are hypocrites if they claim to support children, because they all, in one form or another, support imperialism.

The Green Party are allied with Peter Tatchell in campaigning for war against Syria. The war against Syria has been going on for nearly a decade and has completely destroyed the lives of millions of children.

Green Capitalism and Pink Imperialism are united in pushing for this monumental and hideous crime against children.

Peter Tatchell’s paternalistic attitude to “lesser peoples” – he believes he has the right to be their white saviour, backed up by the US military – extends to his bizarre beliefs around children.
He uses the same phony “empowerment” argument when talking about people lucky to be “liberated” by British bombs as he does with children lucky enough to be “liberated” to choose to have sex with adults.

In all of these cases a false choice is offered to a victim which the perpetrator with a massive power advantage really controls. The word used by Tatchell to describe children and people in countries targeted by imperialism is “agency”.
This argument – “denying people’s agency” – is used by the nest of Ireland-based imperialist NGOs desperately scrabbling for war so they can pick the bones with juicy NATO contracts afterwards. It is used by Amnesty International campaigning to legalize prostitution, and by Oxfam, Concern, Trocaire etc while go from scandal to scandal of the victimised children they took under their care.

We have exposed the NGO-industrial complex here:

And here:

This is the default ideology of the Irish Free State in its desperation to become a useful servant of imperialism.
The attitude is shared across political parties and media of Ireland’s garrison class as well as among the finance, tech and NGO leaders who are their masters.

This rank swamp is not new: indeed the group at the heart of the current crisis were a pioneer of this since the early 70s.

The controversy which ignited outrage at the Free States newly appointed Minister For Children was his association with Tatchell who had contributed to a book by PIE members in the 90s.

The 60s and 70s were a time of global revolutionary upheaval. Around the world colonialism was being pushed out of Africa, Latin America and Asia by national liberation movements with a strong socialist orientation.
Inspired by this, women, gay people and other oppressed people launched their own liberation movements. These groups generally saw themselves as extensions of the national liberation and socialist movements that inspired them, and they explicitly worked in anti-imperialist solidarity within the imperialist countries.
Together this posed a grave threat for imperialism, so imperialism needed to destroy it.

One of the most effective ways to destroy these powerful anti-imperialist movements was to embed phony groups controlled by imperialism within them, acting as a revisionist bloc to crash the movements aground.
PIE – the Paedophile Information Exchange – was one such group that embedded itself within the gay liberation movement of the 70s in Britain.

Likely funded by British elite paedophiles that dominated the British establishment, as well as as controlled by MI5 who were running child abuse blackmail operations such as Kincora House in occupied-Ireland, the PIE group from the outside professed trendy “liberation” language taken from the movements they mimicked.
PIE was vetted and brought into the wider liberation movements of the 70-80s by the fake community activist leadership which today has graduated to the top of the liberal-humanitarian political-NGO elite of British society.

None of their views have changed in these decades and they remain committed co-conspirators and equal pillars of British imperialism with their conservative colonial counterparts who enjoy more “traditional” forms of child abuse.

The charade of the conservative and liberal wings of British elite child abusers acting out a staged conflict to draw in their confused supporters is replicated in Ireland.
The conservative wing of Ireland’s garrison class is bitter that their centuries of child abuse in the service of British imperialism has been in exposed, leaving them utterly discredited in recent decades. Meanwhile a mix of liberal-imperialist ideology has flowed in to Ireland along with foreign direct investment to claim the dominant spot for themselves.
While most supporters are sincere in their actions and beliefs to protect children from child abuse, their cynical leaderships are not.

The far-right in Ireland are using accusations of child abuse as a gambit to try to gain some legitimacy for themselves. They will drop the child abuse issue as soon as it becomes inconvenient to them (namely as their own child abuse skeletons in the closet become exposed); however until then they are using the issue to crawl out of the woodwork and openly organise.

Historically the Irish far-right have been child abusers: the Opus Dei wing of the Catholic church who control the far right have abused, enslaved and sold abroad Irish children on an industrial scale for nearly two centuries.
The original far-right Blueshirt leader Eoin O’Duffy was an alcoholic boy-scout leader rumoured to molest children in his care.

His Blueshirt movement sent Irish children over to Nazi Germany under the care of the Brownshirt movement.
The Hitler Youth and Brownshirts were notorious for aggressive sexualisation of children: German kids were encouraged to have sex early by the Nazis, and countless Nazi leaders including O’Duffy’s German counterpart Ernst Rohm were revealed to be paedophiles.

The National Party and other Irish fascist gangs continuing O’Duffy’s tradition today have links with German Nazi successor organisations. Both the Irish and German fascist today and in the past have extensive child abuse links that will be exposed.

Ironically however, the far-right defend their liberal partners in capitalist crime by pushing ridiculous anti-semitic diatribes instead of analysis. Their ridiculous rantings about George Soros is the greatest gift for Soros and the liberal-imperialist agenda he spearheads.
Why? Because the actual crimes that he and his class commit are masked from exposure and popular outrage by the rantings of fascist lunatics.
This is the same escape outlet given to Peter Tatchell and his Free State liberal supporters: Tatchell can claim he is being targeted not for his is paedophile apologia but for his homosexuality, because the far-right are homophobes.

This entire class and their staged debate is rotten: both wings of the the garrison class support child abuse and exploitation as well as as phony mass organisations to strangle any real popular movement to change this.
Historically and going forward it has only been Irish Socialist Republicanism which has been able to create the cure for capitalist-imperialism and all its associated depravities.
The far-right and liberal wings of the free state establishment will collapse under their own contradictions and we will continue to build the real people’s movement to sweep away the abusers and their allies.

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