Criminal links of the Irish far-right exposed

In Dublin on 22 August 2020, the fascist National Party employed a mob of violent criminals, drug dealers and soccer hooligans to assault with weapons a small unarmed group of anti-fascist/racist/homophobia protesters at a Yellow Vest “anti-mask” rally.

The assault (with illegal weapons like knives, metal bars and batons) was carried out with the permission of police, who protected the fascist thugs.

The Mainstream Media afterwards covered up the incident, blaming the anti-racist protestors for the violence; never mentioning the lengthy conviction record for violent crimes of the mob recruited by the fascist National Party.

A teenager required medical attention following the cowardly attack.

We have documented some of the violent anti-working class criminal records of the thugs recruited by the anti-Irish traitors of the fascist movement here.

This incident is significant for a few reasons:

  • it reveals the extent to which Fascists are recruiting from criminal gangs
  • It reveals the extent of Garda collusion with the violent Fascist criminals
  • It shows the lengths the Media will go to protect Fascists from exposure

We hope this serves as a wake up call for progressive sectors of Irish society.

The far-right and Fascism in Ireland remain a tiny sector of cranks and degenerates.

However with the steady collapse of the rotten Free State, and the protection of police and media the far-right are hoping to grow like a cancer.

Their initial targets are LGBT people (who they try to brand “paedophiles”), Black people (“African gangs”), Muslims (“taking over”) and refugees (“economic migrants”).

However their grand running narrative is to tie everything in to “Cultural Marxism”, a shadowy nefarious plot which has its roots with the Nazi party in 1920s Germany (Hitler dedicated a chapter to it in his 1924 Mein Kampf, though it was then known as ‘Cultural Bolshevism’).

The anti-fascist movement in Ireland needs to get organised and militant quickly.

Their street thugs need to be run off the streets and boycotted in their communities.

It is clear from Saturday 22 August that the fascist criminals will be armed, and that police will protect them. Anti fascists must be prepared to defend themselves from retractable batons wielded by fascists, criminals and cops working together.

This can be accomplished by the organised working-class leading a united front of all progressive sectors of Irish society.

This was how the Nazi-style fascist movement was crushed in Ireland in the 1930s, and it will be so again in the 2020s.

Beir Bua!

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