#Our Mandate #OurRepublic Reclaim the Irish Republic that countless martys gave their blood for !

Liam Mellows’ speech against the Treaty, delivered in Dail Éireann, January 4, 1922.

“The delegates, I repeat, had no power to sign away the rights of Ireland and the Irish Republic.

They had no mandate to sign away the independence of this country as this Treaty does.

They had no power to agree to anything inconsistent with the existence of the Republic.

Now either the Republic exists or it does not.
If the Republic exists, why are we talking about stepping towards the Republic by means of this Treaty?

I for one believed, and do believe, that the Republic exists, because it exists upon the only sure foundation upon which any government or republic can exist, that is, because the people gave a mandate for that Republic to be declared.”

The Situation Today:

The Free State Counter Revolutionaries, led by the gombeen Garrison Class in Leinster House continue to hoodwink the people in believing that they represent the Irish Republic which in reality they do not.

They represent corporate, capitalist interests in the Free State and they represent the British interest across Ireland.

In both the Free State and the Occupied 6 Counties the Garrison Class work hand in glove with the British establishment to further push the 32 County Irish Socialist Republic underground.

Accordingly – we as Irish Socialist Republicans recognise that the Irish Republic exists and has never been dis-estsblished, neither by force of arms by the combined Free State and British axis, or by a vote which illegally partioned Ireland in 1922.

The Irish Republic was proclaimed in 1916 under the arms of dedicated Irish Republicans, it was ratified in the 1918 election and established in 1919.

A Democratic Programme of the First Dail tasked the Republic to develop into a Socialist Republic and declared -‘the right of every citizen to an adequate share of the produce of the Nation’s labour.’

Today the ownership of the means of production lies in the hands of the rich elite of Ireland, Imperialist Britain and the European Union.

The wealth of Ireland is managed by the Garrison Class on behalf of Imperialism who control their operation in both illegal administations in Ireland.

The answer to the ills of the Irish People and the Working Class who feel the brunt of the mismanagement of the 26 County Free State and Stormont affairs – the endless austerity, the housing and homeless crisis, the shambolic two tier health services and countless other pro capitalist policies lies with the re-establishment of the Peoples Republic.

Anti Imperialst Action Ireland therefore implore everyone who intends to fight-back against injustice in their communities to join with us in giving their alligence to the All Ireland Peoples Republic that was driven underground.

Join with us in taking the first step by iniating and creating Centres of Resistance in your communities.

Building a Centre of Resistance will deny the Free State and 6 County Garrison Class the authority and power to rule over the working class.

The Republic exists, our allegiance makes it so.

Let us Rise 2020!

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