Interview with maoist publisher FLP

The Foreign Languages Press is a publishing house founded in 2016. They believe in the necessity of providing the broadest possible access to revolutionary literature at an affordable cost. FLP publish books based on our understanding of the current needs and challenges that the International Communist Movement is facing.

We spoke with one of the Comrades behind FLP about their publishing work.

Some of questions asked include:

  • 1 Could you tell us the history behind FLP, how and why it got started?
  • 2 how many books is FLP selling per month, and where are they going to?  
  • 3 do you have any stories about interesting ways people are learning from or applying the texts?  Any special reading circles you’d like to shout out?  
  • 4 tell us a bit about the process of publishing a book – how do you select them, translate them, layout, print etc  
  • 5 any future projects FLP will be doing?  
  • 6 any other topics you’d like to talk about?

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