Tallaght- End Anti Social Behavior Campaign

Community Foot Patrol Tallaght

As part of an End Anti Social Behavior Campaign, members of Anti Imperialist Action held a community foot patrol in the Mac Uilliam estate in Tallaght.

Local Socialist Republicans organised the patrol following a discussion with residents, in and effort to discourage anti social behavior in the community which is being carried out by a small minority but has some residents living in fear.

The patrol was very well received by residents, some of who cheered on the Socialist Republicans and one resident was heard to say ‘if their were more like you, we wouldn’t be where we are’.

Anti Imperialist Action stands with Working Class communities. We believe the Working Class can solve any issue we face through collective organising. We don’t need the political establishment, the Working Class can develop our own alternatives. Community foot patrols such as this one are just one example of such initiatives.

Anti Imperialist Action will continue to work with residents in Mac Uilliam to tackle anti social behavior and will organise further patrols as part of building a genuine community campaign.

If you want to get involved in building Republican Working Class Power structures, then contact us today.

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