1981 Hungerstrike Educational Resources

As part of our year long campaign to commemorate the 1981 Hungerstrike, Anti Imperialist Action is putting together this list of educational resources on one of the most important events in Republican History. This list will be updated throughout the year and we hope it will be a useful resource for all who want to learn more about the courage and Sacrifice of The Hungerstrikers.


• On the Blanket- Tim Pat Coogan

• Ten Men Dead- David Beresford

• Nor Meekly Serve my Time- Edited Collection

• The Prison Writings of Bobby Sands- Bobby Sands 

•Blanketmen- Richard O’Rawe

•Afterlives- Richard O’Rawe

• Bobby Sands- Nothing But an Unfinished Song – Denis O’Hearn

• Smashing H-Block: The Rise and Fall of the Popular Campaign Against Criminalization, 1976-1982- F Stuart Ross

Online Resources 


• Statement at Start of Strike- March 1 1981

• Statement on July 4 1981

•Statement by the Palestinian Prisoners to the Hungerstrikers- September 1981

• Statement at End of Strike- October 3 1981

• For What Died the Children of ‘69- Seán Doyle (2013)

• On the Election of Bobby Sands: How a tactical short term victory was turned into a strategic defeat for the Revolution – Anti Imperialist Action Ireland (2020)


•1980 Hungerstrike Interview with John Nixon- Republic Media

• Some Mothers Son

• H3

• Bobby Sands 66 Days

•Hunger (Available on Netflix)

• Blanketmen

• Bobby Sands and the 1981 Hungerstrike

• Hungerstrike Reflections- Richard ttps://

• 1981 Hungerstrike Debate- Was it Needless Death After All?


• Long Kesh Info


• CAIN Hungerstrike Collection

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