Armagh: A Spectre is Haunting the British Occupation. That Spectre is Anti Imperialism!

As British Imperialism prepares to celebrate its ongoing occupation 100 years after partition, with a ceremony in Armagh, Occupied Ireland, it has been revealed that the Occupation forces are on high alert due to the opposition to the event from local Anti Imperialists.

The Ulster Gazette and Armagh Standard writes that British Crown Forces ‘are on stand by’ due to the actions of ‘members of a Socialist Republican organisation calling itself Anti Imperialist Action Ireland’ and that the British ‘security forces will be watching closely to ensure those activists do not attempt to hijack the occasion’.

The same paper goes on to highlight Socialist Republican opposition to a bid to designate Armagh City, Bandbridge and Craigavon a so-Called ‘UK city of Culture, in 2025.

Under the headline, ‘Republican group says UK city of culture bid panders to Imperialism’,the Gazette and Standard carry’s a front page statement from Anti Imperialist Action Ireland opposing any move to claim Armagh as a British City.

It is clear from the press coverage that the British Occupation in Ireland are concerned about the actions of Socialist Republicans and Anti Imperialists, particularly the calls for a unity of action by Republican Groups to resist the occupation, demonstrating a clear weakness with British Imperialism in Ireland, a weakness that Republicans should be only too happy to exploit.

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